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A group of young-minded socio-preneurs who not only care about the environment but also like to eat, and are obsessed with a healthy lifestyle. Holistic healthy living solutions motivate them to build ecorasa, biodegradable, environmentally friendly F&B packaging that has been tested and certified both internationally and locally.

ecorasa realizes that plastic is a very good material and suitable as a packaging given that its various advantages have not been replaced, and strongly supports our activities as a modern society. But the weakness of plastic that is not able to decompose completely back to earth, becomes a vital problem for the environment and the earth's ecosystem.

For this reason, ecorasa feels it is important to build a sustainable & responsible ecosystem for the environment and society . Starting from environmentally friendly production & technology, effective & efficient supply chains, to collaborative platforms with partners who have the same vision and mission as Kulina, Cinema XXI, Grand Hyatt, and many others.

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Share the truth about the problem of global plastic waste and invite people to start using environmentally friendly products.



Everything created must have a positive environmental and social impact, so that we can actively participate in managing the planet in accordance with its goals.



Always strive to offer environmentally friendly yet affordable F&B packaging solutions.