OxiumLogo_Grey Oxium is a US - patented oxo-biodegradable additive , which accelerates molecular and chemical degradation of plastics , thus helping to resolve large accumulations of plastic waste.

Oxium's exclusive formula is made from naturally available minerals that are non-toxic, without heavy metals.

Oxium is used as an additive in low doses to ordinary plastic production, to make oxo-biodegradable plastic products.

The oxo-biodegradable additive degrades the plastic until it decomposes back into the soil, eaten by microbes (not seen from the more physical fragmentation produced into micro-plastic, but rather molecular and chemical degradation).

It has been widely applied to shopping bags, garbage bags, packaging products, food and non-food packaging, disposable food trays, cups, utensils (spoons, straw forks), polybags, and many others.

Very competitive prices, economical in all plastic products and market segments.

Has Indonesian Standard Ecolabel (SNI Ecolabel) and Type 2 Ecolabel.

Proved to have been degraded through the oxo-biodegradation process as tested and passed ASTM 6954.