The 5 Key Benefits Of Eco-Friendly Packaging

The 5 Key Benefits Of Eco-Friendly Packaging

12/11/2020 / Ecorasa

Eco–Friendly packaging makes use of materials and manufacturing techniques to significantly reduce the amount of energy and materials consumed, as well as prevent it from causing more damage to the planet. Biodegradable and recyclable materials are used instead of traditional non-sustainable petrochemical resource materials like plastic and Styrofoam.

Key Benefits of Eco-Friendly Packaging

1. Healthy Environment

Traditional packaging methods are labor-intensive processes using many resources, energy, and materials contributing to global warming. After disposal, they usually litter and fill up landfills, which do not degrade for centuries and cause environmental damage. The worst effects are the health problems caused as they have integrated into the eco-system and food chain. Eco-friendly packaging is usually developed using recycled materials, thus reducing the waste of natural resources in the production.

2. Eco-Friendly Packaging and the 3 R’s of Sustainability

  • Reduce: Thinner and tougher materials are used along with a special coating to increase the durability and protective capabilities of the material.
  • Reuse: Since these products are stronger, they can also be safely reused for appropriate purposes.
  • Recycle: Increase manufacturing by using recyclable products to maintain and minimizing cost and unnecessary consumption.

3. Save Money

Increased use of recyclable products leads to a decrease in using new raw materials, directly reducing shipping, infrastructural, and production costs. Though traditional plastics are not particularly expensive, using eco-friendly packaging can reduce costs even further and make manufacturing more efficient.

4. Limit Municipal Waste

Biodegradable plastics needless time to disintegrate and can also be composted. This leads to less waste creation, leaving space in rapidly filling landfills for non-sustainable products. Biodegradable packaging can become fertilizer that helps grow strong, healthy plants and benefit the soil. For example, the Ecorasa food packaging products are created from non-heavy naturally occurring minerals with a proven record of a reduced degradation process from 500-1000 years to 2-5 years.

5. Improve Brand Image

Companies that used biodegradable packaging experienced positive customer feedback and relations. It creates an impression of a responsible company that cares about the future and the environment. This positive brand image can result in an increase in sales and a pleasant working environment.

Ecorasa packaging uses the US-patented Grey Oxium biodegradable additive which accelerates molecular and chemical degradation of plastics, thus helping resolve large accumulations of plastic waste. The eco-friendly food packaging products are food grade and microwave friendly. They do not contain BPA, PVC, and other harmful chemicals. The packaging degrades into biomass, H2O, and CO2, rendering it harmless to the environment and humans. Contact Ecorasa at (626) 387-5355 or visit our website for more information.



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